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  • Maximum blank carton size 1100mm
  • All carton styles including 6 & 4 corner, crash bottom, double wall, straight line and numerous others

  • Folder styles including double & single pocket, Cd & ticket wallets, greeting card folding & numerous others 



When producing cartons and folders,

grain direction is very important as to

how true it will fold. Please check with

Mathew or Stewart when planning

your layout. 


A carton gluer is belt driven and not gripped as in the case of printing and cutting machinery, therefore the stock weight is essential. Once again there are variations to the rule but generally speaking 200 gsm 2 sided art would be the gluing machines minimum.


Another important point is that a printed job going through a gluer should be varnished or coated (excluding glue areas) to protect the print from smudging or scuffing especially in the case of slow drying inks.


Finally glue flap size is most important and a minimum of 15mm is preferred, where possible you should leave glue flaps and glue areas free of ink, varnish and coating. There are a number of other products that are gluable and an enquiry to CP Gluing would be recommended to answer any questions.

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